Practice Team

Practice Management

Mrs Ann Smith

Ann Smith is the newly appointed business manager. Ann is responsible for all the HR, Legal, regulatory and contractual areas within the practice

Mrs Anastasia Andrews

Anastasia Andrews is our operations manager and is responsible for the smooth day to day running of the practice and can assist you with any queries, comments or concerns.


Mrs Tracy Weatherley

Tracy Weatherley is our reception supervisor. If you have any suggestions or problems with our reception staff or procedures, please ask to speak to her. She will be happy to talk to you

The receptionists are fully trained and have a difficult and sometimes stressful job to do. We ask all our patients to treat them with respect. Please remember that if you are asked some apparently irritating questions, it is because we need to ascertain the urgency of some requests.

If you are kept waiting, it is because the doctor sometimes needs to spend longer with a patient than has been allowed. We will, however, endeavour to keep you informed if the doctor has been delayed for any reason.

The receptionists must abide by the rules of confidentiality and are therefore unable to disclose information to third parties concerning appointments, treatment, pathology results etc.